2017 Preview

I love my self-inflicted projects. By starting them on Kickstarter, I am free to describe any wacky notion and discover if there are enough people to support it. I have plenty of project ideas on my bucket list. I thought you might enjoy a glimpse of what I have planned for Kickstarter in 2017. (All plans are subject to fickle changes at any time.)


Calamityware Series 1 Revisited. I plan to bring back the long-gone Calamityware dinner plate designs for the first four Calamityware projects for the people who missed the first opportunity. These four plate designs have been unavailable for a long time now. This time they will be produced using the in-glaze technique that characterizes Calamityware plates 5 through 12. The prototypes (above) look great. If you are on the mailing list, you’ll get an email with details when this Kickstarter project starts sometime in January 2017.


Kickstarter is launching a program called Make/100. A Make/100 project is a limited-edition project aimed at finding just 100 sponsors for each reward level. I promised Kickstarter I’d have a Make/100 project rolling before the end of January with rewards that are limited to 100 sponsors. All the rewards are based on the notion that life goes a little better when you have lots of friends. There will be mugs with this graphic and some lucky sponsors will receive drawings of themselves surrounded by these diverse friends.



Deep Calamityware bowl. A lot of people have requested a deep Calamityware bowl so they can enjoy chili, cereal, ice cream, and other deep-dish favorites. I have a design I like and am waiting to see a production prototype to make sure all the details are working. I hope to make it a Kickstarter project in the spring.


More playful playing cards. What if I shook my sketchbooks really hard and the creatures that tumbled out became the face cards in a deck of playing cards? I’ve been working on designs for some exceedingly unusual cards and hope to make this a project later in 2017.

What else? There are bound to be additional new projects in 2017. A letterpress print? A book? Another jigsaw puzzle? A monstrous Christmas mug? If you’re on the Calamityware email list, you’ll get email newsletters with details of the latest foolery.



27 Responses

Alice Bernat

February 23, 2017

Ooooh. Playing cards!!!

Catherine Y

February 03, 2017

I’m waiting for the Kickstarter campaign.


January 09, 2017

Super excited for the revival of series 1, and the BOWLS! :D


January 08, 2017

I bought Calamityware mugs for a friend for Christmas and she LOVED them! I am new to your work but am an instant fan. I am also a book author and the way you prototype your projects and use Kickstarter is inspiring to me. Keep up your great work! I need those chili bowls for myself too!


January 06, 2017

I second Robin’s suggestion on the bowties – maybe long neckties too. I don’t generally have a jacket to wear a pocket silk in, which is why I haven’t ordered the frogs and flies yet. But bowties and neckties I wear every day.


January 06, 2017

So happy to hear that the giant robot is coming back! Look forward to seeing it in the newer glaze!


January 05, 2017

wow. you are blowing my mind. I agree with the suggestion about the 10 of frogs… et al.

but I know this may be tough.

My son got the frog silk, and I was thinking… a bow tie would be a nice addition.. so he can have matching tie and pocket scarf… hm…

and some leggings…. ha.

So in on the plates! So in on the cards! Then will you take a vacation already? ;-)

Bridgett Ellis

January 05, 2017

Oh, thank whatever deity!! I didn’t realize the flying monkey plates hadn’t been available… going to have to get them this time, being from Kansas and all….


January 05, 2017

Great ideas! I love the graphic for the Make/100, and I’m sad that I’ll almost certainly not be quick enough to get in on time.

The playing cards look terrific, but why limit your twisted creativity to just the face cards? Why the same old clubs, spades, diamonds, and hearts, why not a five of frogs or a seven of (flying) spiders?

The only thing I don’t love about your work is how much money it persuades me to spend. Oh, and I wish the bandanas were bigger, I can just barely tie them forehead-to-nape around my big ol’ head.

David L Chamberlain

January 05, 2017

Great ideas!

Deep bowls would be very useful.

Cards would be fun.

And another puzzle would be great – the family does them when we get together for Christmas – Evil Twins really challenged us!


Mark Edward

January 05, 2017

As a performing magician I’m looking forward to the playing cards.

Candace Peterson

January 05, 2017

Looking forward to more Calamityware. How about considering a couple of platters? My “Things Could Be Worse” mugs get used everyday.

Cindy J

January 05, 2017

Great news! Finally something good to look forward to in 2017!

Julia Nelson

January 05, 2017

We were given mugs for Xmas as our first glimpse of your artful silliness. I am glad that there are so many things coming and that we’ll have an opportunity to get some of the older designs as well. I am particularly excited by the playing cards and the bowls. So much fun.


January 05, 2017

I’m so psyched about the deep bowls! I have all of the plates and 8/8 small plates/shallow bowls, and I can’t wait to have a ‘complete’ set.

The rest of your projects look good, too. I look forward to supporting you throughout 2017.

Chrystina Sumpter

January 05, 2017

Looking forward to the deep bowls! Gave my brother my old, but very nice stoneware, in favor of the Calamityware but he was outraged that I kept the cereal bowls. He’ll be delighted those will be coming his way soon.
The ants on the small plates REALLY bother my brother. Good job!


January 05, 2017

Looking forward to 2017’s offerings! Any chance of lids for the mugs?

Tran Nguyen Nguyen

January 05, 2017

I’m very excited for all this things to be added to me ever growing calamityware collection!!!

Michael Alazard

January 05, 2017

They are all very clever and creative ideas.

Alice B

January 05, 2017

Absolutely love the playing cards idea! And the mugs, too.

Stacey M

January 05, 2017

Sounds like some tempting items! Looking forward to them

Virginia Martin

January 05, 2017

Hurray! Your hilarious and kind letter after my inquiry about my clumsiness preventing me from enjoying my four original Calamityware plates for fear of being unable to replace them still makes me laugh. So SOON I will be able to go back to being careless with my plates since there will be replacements! They make me smile every morning.

Z. Vargas

January 05, 2017

Are the mugs with various monsters being sold in sets of 4? What is the estimated cost?

Is the explosion graphic for the deep Calamityware bowl? How much would it cost per bowl or are you selling it in sets?

I am enjoying my Calamityware cups (bought several sets) and shower curtains (bought 2).



January 05, 2017

Go Don go!
Inspiring list.

Nancy Johnson

January 05, 2017

Your ant plates and the frog plate were big hits with everyone as they removed the Christmas cookies and saw the surprises, and one of the shower curtains went home with my granddaughter! Looking forward to seeing your bowl design!

Peter James

January 05, 2017

Interested, but not if they are being made in Europe, shipped to the US and then back to Europe again. This costs me a packet in tax and duties compared todirect shipment.

Over to you.

Cyndi J

January 05, 2017

Yes! To ALL the things!!
Thank you for bringing bright spots of joy to what was looking to be a dismal 2017.

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