A Great Truth

Unless you constantly fight to create order, beauty, and utility, things tend to sink inexorably into chaos, monotony, and mess. This is the nature of the universe everywhere—all the time. Perhaps you’ve noticed.

I want to remind you of a powerful weapon in the fight. It will help you carve out an island of order within the chaos. Of course, I’m talking about hot chocolate.

No matter how bad things are going in the persistent decline toward insidious muddle, a hot cup of cocoa will instantly halt the slide and restore life-enhancing peace and bliss. Try it.

It works even better with a dollop of whipped cream.



2 Responses

Steve M. Banaszek

January 05, 2017


The pie chart looks like a T-shirt design to me!!!


Jon Emmet

January 05, 2017

Brilliant Idea!!!! Liquid bliss sounds great!!!!! In my next meeting I am going to show up with just that!!!!

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