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Bad Neighborhood Puzzle Quizzes

When you finish your Calamityware jigsaw puzzle, don’t put it away immediately. You might want to try the Item-Search Quiz and Word-Search Quiz. These two quizzes will test your sharp attention to detail and minutia. 

Bad Neighborhood Item Search

You've just spent hours putting this puzzle together. You probably know the neighborhood pretty well, right? Prove it by reminding yourself where these items were located.

1. jellyfish
2. shopping bags
3. snail
4. slice of cake
5. christmas tree
6. green fire hydrant
7. exclamation point
8. capybara
9. purple heart
10. leash
11. apostrophe
12. blue fork
13. stop sign
14. Calamityware cat
15. bull
16. cyclops octopus
17. coffee cup
18. flying saucer
19. elephant
20. puzzle piece

Answers below in invisible ink (highlight black bars to reveal)

1. lower left 2. lady at Scalawag 3. at top on sidewalk 4. upper left near ogre 5. lower right on street sign 6. in front of Scalawag 7. lower center in front of La Ptomaine on sidewalk 8. upper right inside store 9. upper left 10. on sidewalk in front of Squirm billboard 11. Yucky's 12. in window of Effluvia 13. lower left 14. inside Yucky's 15. bottom floor of Pandamonium 16. on window of Queasy 17. on Oblivion building 18. upper right near Bamboozle 19. upper left behind Kablooie building 20. on Kablooie building

Bad Neighborhood Word Search

Like a crossword, you get a definition and a clue—how many letters are in each word. Unlike a crossword puzzle, you’re not spotted any letters. All the words are somewhere on the puzzle—some out in the open and others well hidden. This puzzle may not be for the faint-of-vocabulary.

1. 3 letter word
An affirmative response.

2. 5 letters
Minor weaknesses, flaws or defects.

3. 6 letter word
Uneasy feelings or pangs of conscience.

4. 4 letter word
Spanish form of Joseph.

5. 9 letter word
Hoofed mammals.

6. 6 letter word
A sham.

7. 4 letter word
Interjection used to express mild dismay at one's own mistake.

8. 6 letter word
A louse that typically effects humans.

9. 7 letter word
To receive or accept with pleasure.

10. 6 letter word
Become immobilized through fear.

11. 8 letter word
A slight or invisible exhalation or noxious vapor.

12. 6 letter word
A foolish or inept person.

13. 7 letters (two words)
To depart quickly.

14. 3 letters
To clean or wipe the floor.

15. 7 letter word
Problems designed to amuse by presenting difficulties to be solved by ingenuity or patient effort.

Answers below in invisible ink (highlight black bars to reveal)

1. yes 2. foibles 3. qualms 4. Jose 5. ungulates 6. bogus 7. oops 8. cootie 9. welcome 10. frozen 11. effluvia 12. doofus 13. run away 14. mop 15. puzzles

2 Responses


January 22, 2016

What a fine puzzle.
Esp. the intestines and the fish.

Am sending the dragon extra pic to a quilting aunt.

Linda Davis Siess

December 30, 2015

Woohoo! Thank you very much! – and happy (calamity-free, prosperous, creative, fun) new year!

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