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Advice: Be careful what you wish for

There’s a definition of “pessimist” I like. A pessimist is an optimist with experience.

This aphorism captures the notion that seemingly positive events will often, unexpectedly, turn around and bite you. Life is filled with examples large and small. I just added a new example to my list this week.

For one of the rewards in my latest Kickstarter project, I offered to draw portraits of people surrounded by monsters, aliens, and cryptozoological marvels. I like to draw faces, so drawing a few people seemed like something that might be fun. In the spirit of the Kickstarter Make/100 promotion, I limited these rewards to 100.


Imagine my shock when 100 people pledged for this reward. Optimist Don thought he was going to spend an afternoon drawing three or four faces. Pessimist Don now sees that he will be drawing strangers’ faces for weeks or maybe months. Yikes! I need more brush pens.

Please don’t mistake this for a complaint. I’m delighted that so many people want to expand their art collection with original artwork by me. Creating all these drawings is a wonderful assignment that I am going to enjoy.

Even before it has started, I can see three three positives that will result from drawing so many strangers:

1. Some of these strangers might become fans as I enliven their growing art collections with a highly personalized masterpiece. 

2. My drawing skills are bound to get better as I refine new techniques to depict strange hair styles and oddly shaped noses.

3. I’m going to have a solid excuse for avoiding household chores until the project ends. (You’re aware, I’m sure, that at no point during the entire 20th century did Picasso ever wash the dishes.)



7 Responses

Trish Melasti

March 07, 2017

Please PLEASE offer another portrait reward! My dream is to be a face in your crowd!

February 24, 2017

Brush washing and pen cleaning replace all those household chores in an artist’s life… there is always that 2nd drop of the shoe in everything in life. But on the positive side, most of the time, one step follows the next, and you end up with adoring fans and familiar faces…lol

Cindy Roy

February 23, 2017

Did not expect, 50 years after SCAHS, to be following your blog post…but there it is. Laurie put me onto it.

Jane W

February 23, 2017

I need a Calamity bowl!


February 23, 2017

Calamity Bowls! Bug-free! I can’t wait. :-)


February 23, 2017

Include that self-portrait. A must.


February 23, 2017

That dog is adorable and I totally want one of those calamity bowls.

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