FREE set of Calamityware Coasters with orders of $75 or more

FREE set of Calamityware Coasters with orders of $75 or more


"Husband With No Style" Style

Meet Jack. 

Jack is one of the three owners of Calamityware and handles designing our shirts and website, writing our newsletters, and occasional modeling for us. In his free time he loves to coach volleyball, watch sports, participate in fantasy football, and anything he can do from his couch.


His Home Decor Style: 

He describes his style as "mid-century, whatever the wife likes", and "some-kinda-hoodie chic", which we suspect is true for many husbands out there. His main concern when purchasing home decor is if it will hide pet hair. Comfort and function above all. 

His Color Palette:

Jack describes liking "drab, muted tones" with a pop of bright color like gray and bright orange, or Army Green and red. 
If his aesthetic reminds you of yourself, or someone you know who doesn't possess strong opinions on decor, read on to see what we would recommend to boost their style. 

Whatever the Wife Likes

This prompt is very simple and gives you a lot of freedom to choose almost anything for this person (as long as you like it). One thing that we know many wives enjoy is a good sale. We regularly add new items to our sale section and offer discounts on bundles items like this Cookie Time Bundle.  Happy wife, happy life. But also happy husband because the jar will eventually be full of cookies.  

 "Drab, Muted Tones"

Unspecified Sports Team Baseball Shirt

Jack loves fantasy football, volleyball, regular football, and other sports, too. Jack doesn't love having an extensive shirt collection to rep for each of his favorite teams. Jack does love the muted tones of this shirt, the bright pops of color, and the ability to wear the same exact shirt for every single sports event he goes to.

Fuzzy the Merciless

Fuzzy stands proud among a sea of "drab", muted, sand tones and that tickles Jack's brain. He also appreciates how the vaguely threatening aura of Fuzzy keeps strangers from talking to him as he waits in line for weekly coffee and donuts on Friday mornings. 

From the Couch

Movie Night Bundle

There is nothing Jack loves more than curling up on the couch with snacks and a throw blanket, while bingeing the latest slightly dark, irreverent comedy with his wife and daughter. He recommends getting a Creature Comfort and Time Travel Bloopers movie night bundle so you have more blankets and two bowls for snacks (less sharing).

We hope you found this style guide useful in curating your perfect style. 

Sincerely, Jack and the Calamityware Team. 

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