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Nothing Lasts Forever

Nothing Lasts Forever

Nothing is more natural than disappearing. Eventually, everything you love, and you, and me, and our civilization, and our favorite planet will disappear. That’s how change is.

But don't worry, this blog is just about the disappearance of products in this store.

Most of the products in this store began as Kickstarter projects. They attracted enough support to justify a production run and the extras became available here. But when those extras were gone, the product disappeared. Here are a few examples of goners.


Sea Monster Jamboree Letterpress print. This image, inspired by the creatures in the wild places of Late Renaissance maps, was a Kickstarter project in 2015. A limited number were available in this store but they are all gone now. Along the way, this image became the world’s most charming shower curtain. It’s still available here.


BADbandanas 1 and 2. These unusual bandanas (one blue and one red) were added to this store in 2015. BB1 was called Angry Paisleys and BB2 was called Pixels on a Rampage. These two beauties are gone and never coming back. But BB3 and BB4 are still available.



Strange Galaxy Mug is based on the idea that in a hostile and confusing galaxy, it is best to have friends. The design features a wide variety of peculiar and alien creatures. That limited-edition design recently disappeared and we don’t expect it to come back.



Who will vanish next?

There are several products in this store today that are going to be gone soon. If you like the idea of scarce treasures that no one else can find, you’ll want to pay special attention to these products and consider ordering before they vanish. It won’t be long.


Sea Monster Notecards. New notecard designs are coming, but this design is going away.


Octopedestrians Letterpress Print. The limited-edition print (detail above) was a Kickstarter project early in 2016. Now only 19 prints remain. When this this design is gone, it won’t be coming back.


Chili Making Letterpress Print was a Kickstarter project earlier this year. The image celebrates the point when hot peppers reached Europe and the Renaissance really got rolling. Now only four prints remain.


Giant Robot Pocket Square was inspired by the second Calamityware plate and was the first time we offered silk. This pocket square is almost gone and there are no plans to produce any more.

The good news about disappearing products is that it creates more room for new products. We have some strange and whimsical things in the pipeline. If your name is on the Calamityware email list, you’ll be sure to get news about anything new.

Thanks for your support.

Pittsburgh, September 20, 2018

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  • Jan 11, 2021

    These designs and conceptions are SO COOL. How wonderfully creative and hilarious. Keep on making these items. You should be a millionaire.

    — Diane Dexter

  • Jun 14, 2020

    Please add me to your “send new info list”.
    M daughter is crazed for all your designs and is the one who turned me
    on to you site.

    — Bernie Rowell

  • Oct 03, 2018

    Just discovered you and your “stuff”.
    LOVE IT!!

    Putting your dishes on my Christmas list! I want a whole set.

    What fun ideas!!

    — Theresa Stewart

  • Sep 23, 2018

    I was registered with Kickstarter through my work email and after 16 years with the company the new HR person laid off all of us that had been there longer then her……they have not been helpful at all about fixing the problem.. Do you offer the plates and other items through the store?

    — Jeannie Coleman

  • Sep 22, 2018

    I pretty much want ALL of your products, but then again I pretty much always wanted to marry Emmylou Harris, so there you go.

    — Jay

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