Weekends: Boring Is Best

We all love weekends, right? It was my enthusiasm for weekends that led me to start sketching them back in 2009. These drawings are like an illustrated diary recording what I’m doing and thinking about. I use one page of my notebook for Saturday and the facing page for Sunday. Here are some examples.



A typical weekend in a typical September.



A mid-winter weekend always involves some snow.


WeekendC I usually annotate what movies we are watching.


Seems like I always record what foods I’m eating.


WeekendE There’s usually some mention of the weather…and coffee.



Often there are notes about what self-inflicted projects I’m working on. 

So far I’ve created about 100 of these notations and posted them to Flickr. If you want to hang out vicariously with Don, you can see the whole collection here.

Drawing weekends is a kind of game. For me, it’s fun to start in the upper left corner on Saturday morning and finishing in the bottom right corner before I go to bed on Sunday night. In between, I aim to include my activities with a mix of drawing styles that makes a graceful composition. Each new element I draw must respond to the previous elements. There are surprises along the way. Many of them are pleasant.

If you study Don’s weekends, you may be struck by how boring they are—household chores, modest accomplishments, meals, naps, and predictable routines. Yes, that’s me exactly. And that’s precisely what I like about my weekends.


Pittsburgh, October 15, 2018








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Jean Matthias Breheney

October 20, 2018

Comments as fun as the interesting (and coffee-fueled) sketches. What a cool idea to read – what a fun idea to try myself! Of course, said trials will be horrendous to start, and for probably a long time after that, but at least I’ll be getting some exercise and a decent amount of caffeine in the bargain. And please, let me know when Karen is free for lunch. My treat. 😉

Robert T Walker

October 20, 2018

Yeah, you might think that’s pretty boring.
Next week I’ll spend about 20 minutes per day counting and registering on-line all the birds that fly into my back yard for a national census of avian population in Wagga Wagga, NSW, Aust.
Given that that will be the highlight of my day, try drawing some interesting piccies of the rest of it.

Barb C

October 20, 2018

Have you considered doing a page-a-day calendar with your doodles? Spread the joy, ya know?

Barb C

October 19, 2018

You could turn these into a day-by-day calendar! What fun it would be to flip each morning & enjoy with folks as they pass by!! Please consider … please?

B. Delaney

October 19, 2018

What I know about the subject so far: seems to run primarily on caffeine based substances, has strange preoccupation with gallinaceous birds, enjoys a mid-day meal with a “Karen” person (note, there seems to be health concerns with “Karen”. Try to elicit more information, Arthritis? Chronic pain?) Subject enjoys perambulation in a variety of locations. He prepares simple meals of common foodstuffs, e.g. bread and cheese, takes great pride in these repasts, (“I made an excellent sandwich”) Displays an unusual interest in chioptera and seems fascinated by ironwork of all types.

Thank you for recommending this most interesting subject. I will continue to evaluate his condition and behavior.

Michael Yolch

October 19, 2018

Simply fantastic.

Dragon Messmer

October 19, 2018

I am with you. Keep the interesting stuff happening in the sketchbook. These are beautiful. I keep a similar sketchbook, it’s just not as clean. These pages are gorgeous.


October 19, 2018

More skull-bat-lizard-monster demons plz

Fran W.

October 19, 2018

Oh I love these!

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