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Stuff That Fits in a Stocking

If you have hung your stockings by the chimney with care but have little hope that St. Nicolas soon will be there (no judgment!), let us help you fill that hosiery with our top 5 list of “Stuff That Fits in a Stocking.”


The Things Could Be Worse Tote Bag is sure to please the eternal optimist in your family. Your family doesn’t have an eternal optimist? Then think of the person who always needs an extra hand to carry a ridiculous number of objects in one trip—they’ll thank you. Things are even better because if you run out of stockings (because, say, your son invited his newest love), this sturdy cotton carryall can be substituted as a stocking. More or less.


Every card in the Creature Comfort Playing Cards deck is different, which is sure to please the most discerning card shark, a hard-to-impress teenager, and even dear old Grandpa. I mean Grandpa might not understand what all the creatures are, but think of what a bonding experience it will be when Liam explains to Grandpa what a capybara is.


The Landing Zone Sketchbooks will be much appreciated by the artist, writer, notetaker, poet, historian, and even the tattler (your kids might need to keep track of their siblings’ slip-ups, after all). The heavy paper embraces various writing implements, including brush pens, and the hard cover with soft fabric is delightful, even to those who are not easily delighted.


If your spouse or one of your offspring wants a pet this Christmas, but there is no way Rover or Mr. Buttons will be under the tree, go with the next best thing—a t-shirt with an animal on it! A dog lover of any age should appreciate the adorable Chew Toy T-Shirt whereas the lucky recipient of the Zombie Poodle T-Shirt might be the most appropriately dressed person during the zombie apocalypse. Cat person in the family? We’ve got a shirt for that, too. Plus any of the fine, fun Calamityware t-shirts can easily be rolled up and crammed into a stocking.


Who doesn’t think of dinosaurs when they think of Christmas?! The Prehistoric Christmas Mugs shout holiday merriment with delightful dinosaurs gathered ‘round a tree. They are perfectly sized for that hot cup of cocoa or much-needed mug of joe early Christmas morning. Even better, they come in a pair, so you can fill two stockings!



If you are looking for something really out of the box, why not go with the Follow Your Passion Prints? Fair warning, you’re going to need a bigger stocking. At 11”x17” each, this pair of drawings takes on that age-old debate: pie versus cake. The sweet tooth in your household won’t have to decide since they get both prints! But wait, there’s more! We even throw in a little broccoli print. New Year’s resolutions won’t be far behind, so you can bring that one out when you need the motivation.

Happy stocking stuffing!

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