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T-rex yes. Godzilla no.

Several people have suggested that I design a Calamityware plate with Godzilla stomping pagodas. While this would make memorable dinnerware, it’s not going to happen. To understand why, it might help to review the difference between an iconic dinosaur like Tyrannosaurus rex and Godzilla.


Item 10 is the critical one. According to numerous articles in the business press. Mr. Godzilla has an army of lawyers eager to pounce. They routinely force businesses to change their name, force products to be removed from the market, and force songs to drop their Godzilla music. Add “zilla” to anything and you’ll probably get a letter asking you to stop.

It’s all because Godzilla is a property of Toho, a Tokyo-based business that earns a zillion dollars each year by licensing Godzilla music, movies, toys, posters and other tie-ins.

So, don’t ask me for Godzilla plates. He’s scary, but his lawyers are even worse.

Pittsburgh, January 24, 2018.





6 Responses

Mark NP

November 14, 2022

Couldn’t you license Godzilla for the project?


April 11, 2022

How about a group of lawyers with briefcases, little heads, and spikey tails? Litigate-o-sauruses.


June 20, 2019

I saw this in one of my favorite board games, Monsters Ravage America, put out by Avalon Hill. Naturally lots of famous landmarks are destroyed in the game. The Godzilla monster could not be called Godzilla because of licensing issues. But the resemblance is amazing. 😂

Jay Sheckley

April 09, 2018

What about six tiny identical men with briefcases?


March 01, 2018

Lawyer plates. Scary.


January 26, 2018

What about a regular-sized lizard attacking really tiny ant-sized cities?

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