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Sea Monster Dinner Plate 3

Item: 1 plate

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A voracious sea monster threatens the tranquility of your dinner. Imagine finding that bad boy behind your fish sticks! This traditional blue-willow-inspired design can be found on the third porcelain plate in the Calamityware collection.

Designed by Don Moyer and initially launched as his third Kickstarter project in 2014.
Dimensions & More Info
  • 10.5” diameter (26.5 cm)
  • Rich blue images on white porcelain.
  • Produced using the in-glaze decoration process. That means the image is slightly melted into the surface like the fine porcelain you see in museums.
  • Remember, all Calamityware plate designs are different—different borders, different images, and sometimes slightly different blues because the plates were fired at different times. They will look good together on your table or wall, but they won't be identical.
  • Made at the award-winning Kristoff porcelain workshop in Poland.
  • Food safe.
  • Microwave safe.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Porcelain is both delicate and durable. We think you’ll enjoy Don’s blog about caring for your new treasures.
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Where it's made

These porcelain pieces were fired at the Kristoff workshop in Valbrich, Poland, one of the oldest and grandest porcelain workshops in the world. Kristoff began making porcelain in 1831 and its work can be found in museums and in the palaces of royalty. Our porcelain designs are in-glaze, which means slightly melted into the surface of the piece, to ensure a beautiful crisp image for years to come. Photo by Porcelana Krzysztof Sp. z o.o.

Who we are

Calamityware is a small, eight-person, one-dog company headquartered in Pittsburgh. We love bringing the darkly whimsical view of our founder and chief monster-maker, Don Moyer, to life. Our products are high quality, meticulously manufactured items that make wonderful gifts for you and other weird-adjacent people in your life. Our goal is to make you smile.

Customer Reviews

Based on 133 reviews
Worthy of my sea monster BFF

This is a sturdy, good-looking plate I gave as a gift to my favorite weirdo. Turned out she already had Calamityware cups, so it was a perfect match.

Lovely plates.

I bought these plates for a little subtle humor in my vintage blue and white kitchen. They blend in nicely with my collection of transferware.

Best plates ever!

I bought this plate, fully expecting my husband to complain about buying dishes we don't have room for. Imagine my surprise when he not only loved this plate, but asked when we were getting more! Now I'm waiting impatiently for the Tentacles and Volcano plates to come back in stock (please bring them back).

Samantha R.
Sea Monster eat pancakes

This plate is beyond good-looking. This has become my primary plate. I don't use any other. I use this plate when I host game nights. I've gotten nothing but positive comments about this dish. :)

Wonderful Plate!

I originally received this plate after pledging for it on Kickstarter, and I'm so glad I did. It was a house warming gift for a really good friend of mine and she loved it. She displays it proudly on one of her shelves! Quality wise, it is fantastic as well and came well packaged from what I recall.

Jen W.
My favorite plate

I love this plate! The design is reminiscent of old nautical charts, which is why I chose this particular plate.
When it arrived I was impressed with the level of detail in the design and the crispness of the glazing - there's no feathering of the edges.
And the plate has lasted well. I use it all the time and it still looks as good as new. Quality!

Well-made (and subversively normal-looking) plates!

These are some fantastic plates. I got six of them through the Kickstarter campaign -- gave two to my brother and kept four for myself. They've withstood several moves (on my part) and a household of small children (on his part) and only one of the six plates has gotten damaged.

I love them not only because they're super sturdy and functional but because they really do a great job of masquerading as normal Delft-esque tableware. I've thrown many, many dinner parties where guests will sit down and only after finishing their meal will they go, "waaaaait a second..."

Charlie O.
Things can't get worse.

I'm collecting all the designs for my daughter. I've convinced her not to "save" them, but to enjoy using them everyday. I just got a text with a photo of a pancake breakfast on a broken sea monster plate. Won't you please reissue the first series?

Rachel K.
Favorite Plate!

I got one of these fabulous plates via Kickstarter a few years ago. The plate is everything you could ever want - it has survived moving, microwaving, dishwashing, and looks brand new! I love this plate and wish I could afford all the designs Don turns out. Someday!

Nothing fishy about this plate...

Artistically, this has to be Don's best calamity! Just gorgeous. Even better in person.