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Don explains why it is smart to work with a clone instead of the original.
Don describes some of the projects he’s working on and speculates on potential Kickstarter projects for 2019.
Find out when you can expect your favorite Calamityware products to be back in stock.
Announcing a change to the way we are offering t-shirts.
Don explores an effective technique for getting out of undesirable work and some advice you can use right away.
Don recalls some of the expressions Mom used to say.
Nine years of weekend annotations proves Don is in a rut. A pleasant rut.
A look back at Calamityware products that are gone and probably won’t come back. And a glimpse of products that may be gone soon.
Don shares a proven method to help you decide which invitations to accept and which to reject.
How the quest for perfection can lead to misery and what you can do to escape.
Don shares advice about spending too much time waiting at the hospital.
Don has some thoughts on the positive power of procrastination and related business opportunities.