First of a two-part blog about terrible career advice.
Don recalls an early encounter with the pie/cake divide and some of its lessons.
Don offers uncomplicated advice about this special summer-time hazard.
Don reveals sketches, false starts, and flops on the path to a successful cookie jar.
Let’s take a moment to thank the bosses and co-workers who taught us what not to do.
Getting ready for the robot uprising means having specific strategies to cope with our new robot overlords.
Don describes five of his favorite phone apps.
Don reminds us of the benefits of ignorance. It’s not all bad.
Don reveals some of the detours and stumbles on the path to create the book, Monster Etiquette.
Don offers some reasons you need instant replay technology at your house.
Don explains why it is smart to work with a clone instead of the original.
Don describes some of the projects he’s working on and speculates on potential Kickstarter projects for 2019.