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Was it Winston Churchill who said, “We shape our snacks and thereafter, our snacks shape us”?
You might be wondering what the cutoff dates are in order to have your packages delivered in time for the holidays.
Don reveals the inspiration for his Zombie Poodle pattern.
The four main types of snack pirates and strategies to cope with their vile depredations.
Don reveals some of the steps in the process of creating his “Flora Fauna Aliens” textile design—including a spooky, cosmic circle.
Don highlights sensible reasons to tote a sketchbook everywhere, everyday.
Don offers more useless career advice.
First of a two-part blog about terrible career advice.
Don recalls an early encounter with the pie/cake divide and some of its lessons.
Don offers uncomplicated advice about this special summer-time hazard.
Don reveals sketches, false starts, and flops on the path to a successful cookie jar.
Let’s take a moment to thank the bosses and co-workers who taught us what not to do.