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Calamityware Plate 12: Pterodactyl

Calamityware Plate 12: Pterodactyl

$ 42.00

It all started with a pterodactyl. Although this is the twelfth plate design, this is where Calamityware began. Don Moyer, artist and all-around funny guy, says, "In 2011, I was drawing my grandma's blue-willow plate in my sketchbook, and I added a pterodactyl for fun. That’s what got all the Calamityware projects started."

For dino-nerds only. Yes, we know that pterodactyl isn’t the right term. We should be calling the creature a pteranodon (large body, crest on head, short tail, no teeth). But there are three problems with that term. 1. No one seems to know what we're talking about. But when we say pterodactyl, folks get it right away. 2. Pteranodon is bland and somehow doesn’t convey the mystery and sinister glamor that pterodactyl has. 3. We're old and our capacity to absorb new stuff is pathetically limited. We still think Pluto is a planet. 

Rich blue image on 10.5” (26.5 cm) diameter white porcelain dinner plate. Food safe. Microwave safe. Dishwasher safe. Produced at the award-winning Kristoff porcelain workshop in Poland using the in-glaze decoration process. That means the image is slightly melted into the surface like the fine porcelain you see in museumsThis is the 12th plate in the Calamityware collection. Designed by Don Moyer and initially launched as a Kickstarter project in 2016. 

Remember, all Calamityware plate designs are different—different borders, different images, and sometimes slightly different blues because the plates were fired at different times. They will look good together on your table or wall, but they won't be identical. If you are obsessive about matching, you should order multiple plates of the same design.

Porcelain is both delicate and durable. We think you’ll enjoy Don’s blog about caring for your new treasures.

Customer Reviews

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A-haa! A-haa!

I ordered a set of 12 of these beauties for a close group of old friends - The Pterodactyls.

We were DELIGHTED that our group had 1) been memorialized in stone (ok, porcelain, geez!) and 2) described with spot-on accuracy ("the mystery and sinister glamor." It's like you knew us. Have we been out drinking with you?)

In what could only be described as a "folie a deux" x 6, we combined our funds and procured one plate for each Pterodactyl as a birthday gift. Thereby, in one fall swoop --something we excel at-- taking care of a year's worth of our friend's birthdays. We thank you from the bottom of our mighty hearts. We intend to use them at our next Dactyl gathering in February and for years to come.

Pterodactyls on the wing

Off Kickstarter, we recently received a set of series 3 plates. Love them all (though with a slight preference for series 2, but series 3 are great too). Sadly the pterodactyl plate came with a chip on the edge -- perhaps dropped in transit? Anyway we contacted the Calamityware robot, who turned out to be a very nice person actually, who sent us a new plate faster than a pterodactyl could wing its way from NJ to the Bronx! Thanks so much for your wonderful, creative work. Much appreciated.


I was surprised by the quality of the is beautifully made. But the real joy is looking at it...I keep finding interesting little details to make me laugh. This is my first plate and I fear it's the gateway drug to a full set...

Marshal, Will and Holly

This routine expedition lands the Marshall family on the set of Mikado.. While you can't see any pylons or Sleestaks. There is the notorius black cat, digital dog... and perhaps an unwanted, yet much admired pterodactyl !! Stick figure says " CALAMITY!!" as he mounts the bridge and runs for the hills or perhaps the "Land of the Lost"...

I Love These Plates

I have been Buying these plates for years. And, since I am a believer in using things of beauty rather than putting them on the shelf, I know that they handle dishwashers, small children, and being in a stack with other plates. They are definitely the first ones I grab off the shelf. I love them and am slowly working on getting the complete set. I have 5 plates and a set of bowls and am waiting on my shower curtains to arrive.

Best dinosaur product, ever.

Have you seen that film about dinosaurs? It was massive hit. This plate is better than that.

Another epic plate

I can't wait for my wife to open her second Calamity plate this Christmas. I just received it and it is as beautiful and wonderfully crafter as the one I gave her two years ago. The 'double-takes' by people who visit are such a hoot.


This plate is great! I love the pterodactyl, and similar to other Calamity plates, I really enjoy all the little details that come together in the blue and white.

Great addition!

This plate is a great addition to my existing Calamityware. I had two plates previously, and I hung them all together in my living room, since the blue colors match nicely to the decor. It livens up the room and visitors seem to do a double take when they see it's not quite what they expected.